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Nutley Farms

A Farm Full of Premium Nuts

Nutley Farms products will fill all your culinary needs in savory, confectionery, baking, or snacking. The meticulously sourced range includes many nut selections and forms, such as whole, halves, sliced, diced, flour, blanched, natural, roasted, and paste. 

Pistachio Flour

Finely milled pistachio flour.

Great for adding pistachio flavoring to dry ingredients for cakes, cookies, and biscuit recipes.

Sweetened Chestnut Paste - 60%

Slowly cooked natural chestnut paste. Made of 60% fresh chestnuts, 40% refined sugar, and vanilla beans.

Perfect to use in pastry and confectionery applications like fillings, creams, and ice cream.


Contact Us

Talk to the Nutley Farms product experts. Here to answer questions, provide technical support, and offer recipe recommendations.